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Give Time

Service Hour Suggestions/Sign Up

Each family is required to perform 50 hours/year of service to St. Agnes School. There is a fee of $200 for Service Hours not preformed.

Please review these Service opportunities. If there is something you would like to do, please contact the School Office.

  1. PTG Member – Attend PTG Meetings and be members of committees
  2. PTG Room Parent – Represent a specific grade level for the PTG Board
  3. PTG meeting attendance – may earn up to one service hour for attending a regular PTG Meeting.
  4. School Lunch Program Volunteer – Help in the cafeteria during the school day.
  5. Family Day Coordinator – One or 2 people in charge of organizing Family Day
  6. Family Day Worker – Work with coordinator to make family day a big success.
  7. Family Day Donations – Items donated to Family Day count towards your service hours.
  8. Family Day Set-Up – The Saturday before Family Day, spend 3 hours in the morning helping set up for the event.
  9. Family Day Clean-Up – Sunday afternoon and early evening from 3-7:30pm
  10. Parking Lot Set-Up – Work with others to set up the cones that make our parking lot safer.
  11. Maintenance and Clean-up – helping custodian around campus
  12. Luncheon Help – There are times when the Principal hosts luncheons for visiting principals etc. Cooking and serving those luncheons would earn service

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Donations can be submitted in two convenient ways:

Donate Online

Use our online website form through PayPal to make an electronic donation (you may also pay with a credit card for one-time donations).

This is a free service. We will provide you with the necessary tax documents upon request.

Send a Check

You can also mail a check to:

St. Agnes Parish School
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St. Agnes Parish School is a 501(c)(3) so your gift is tax deductible in the manner and to the extent provided by law.