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St. Agnes students are:

Committed Catholic Christians who:

  • Demonstrate an understanding of faith, spiritual values, and can model the same
  • Have a basic understanding of Catholic dogma
  • Participate in the parish and school community through prayer, worship, reception of the sacraments and service
  • Practice a personal prayer life
  • Defend and stand up for what is morally right
  • Show respect for self, life, family and others
  • Serve as positive role models
  • Demonstrate a sense of fair play

Academically Prepared Individuals who:

  • Have a solid foundation in the basic subjects
  • Are able to listen and follow instructions
  • Utilize technology appropriately
  • Are able to do research
  • Are creative and critical thinkers
  • Are able to think and work independently and collaboratively
  • Can communicate effectively and in writing

Globally Aware Citizens who:

  • Recognize and respect our multicultural society
  • Are cognizant of world affairs and current events

Life Long Learners who:

  • Have a love of reading outside the classroom
  • Have self motivating interests in writing effectively

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