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Use the tables below to find your tuition and registration fees.

Kindergarten Monthly Tuition (11 months August-June)

Option 1: One Child: 8am-6pm (with daycare) – $360/month ($3960 annually)

Option 2: One Child: 8am-3pm – $325/month ($3575 annually)

Tuition – Option 1

Option 1: Monthly Tuition without Major Fundraising Requirements for 11 months (August-June).This option is for those who prefer to pay tuition rather than sell raffle tickets or chocolates.

Number of Students Monthly Tuition Annual Tuition
1 $335 $3685
2 $505 $5555
3 $640 $7040
4 $755 $8305
5 $870 $9570

Tuition – Option 2

Option 2: Monthly Tuition with Major Fundraising Requirements for 11 months (August-June). Fundraising requirements include each child selling raffle tickets in October (1 child: 5 books – 240 tickets; 2 children: 8 books – 360 tickets; 3 Children: 9 books – 440 tickets; plus 40 tickets after the 3rd child). Additionally, 300 chocolate bars are required per child for the Chocolate drive.

Number of Students Monthly Tuition Annual Tuition
1 $305 $3355
2 $450 $4950
3 $560 $6160
4 $655 $7205
5 $750 $8250

Tuition – Option 3

Option 3: Modified Tuition/Fundraising: This option is the same as Option 2 above except you may pay 55 cents per chocolate bar rather than selling them.

Registration Fees

Registration Due Date: May 6, 2016.

New Students: $180 registration fee plus $120 curriculum fee at the time of acceptance. There will be a $35 Emergency kit fee for new students. Testing fee is $15/child payable on the day of the test. If you child is accepted, all payments with the exception of the testing fee, are due on receipt of the letter of acceptance.

Returning Students: $180 plus $120 curriculum fee.

*Registration fees paid after May 3 will be assessed a $100 late fee.

Number of Students Fees
1 student $300
2 students $600
3 students $900
4+ students $1200

Additional Details

  • Testing for New Students: April 29, 2015 (Kindergarten Testing by Appointment only)
  • Terms of Tuition Payment: While St. Agnes School no longer has an option for “Out of Parish” option, parents are expected to be full participants in the life of St. Agnes Parish or the parish to which they belong. Mandatory attendance at retreats or prayer experiences take the place of this option. These events will be determined by the pastor and the principal.
  • Parent Involvement: All plans, including Kindergarten are required to participate in the following school fundraising: Family Day, 2 dances/picnics per year, PTG General meetings, 50 hours of parents service as listed on enrollment contraact.
  • SMART: Each family is require to pay tuition through the SMART tuition program and adhere to their fee schedule. These administrative fees are charged at the beginning of the year and are nonrefundable.
  • $50 Mail-in or Automatic Withdrawal

St. Agnes School is a non-profit institution that runs solely on the support of the school community and a yearly Archdiocesan subsidy.

The subsidy provided by the Archdiocese of Los Angeles allows every student in St. Agnes School to receive a scholarship.

Tuition and Fee Collection

Tuition is paid through SMART program as specified by your contract. All other fees and fines will be collected in the school office. The school office does NOT plan to assume the responsibility of sending “reminders” for delinquent accounts. If an account goes into serious arrears, it jeopardizes your child’s place in St. Agnes School. Please avoid the consequences of retaining graduation privileges and dismissal from school by paying tuition and fees when they become due.

A fee of $25 will be charged for checks returned by the bank as Non-sufficient funds. Refunds for tuition and registration are only given on the approval of the principal. Late tuition fee $35.

If you are having temporary financial problems that prevent you form making prompt payments, please inform the principal. Financial obligations cannot be waived.

Parent Service and Fundraising

All payment options, including Kindergarten are required to participate in the following school fundraising events: Family Day and Spring Picnic, two dances and/or picnics per year as decided by the administration. Additionally, families are required to provide 45 hours of parent service as listed on the enrollment contract.

Student Insurance

The student accident program is provided for all students throughout the Archdiocese of Los Angeles. Parents are expected to request an insurance form when a child has sustained an injury at school or during an after school activity sponsored by the school. The premium rate is included in the registration fee. A letter explaining the benefits is in the family envelope the first week of school. Additional insurance may be purchased.

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