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2021-2022 Fees Schedule

2021-2022 Tuition Plans


Tuition and Fee Collection

Tuition is paid through Blackbaud’s Smart Tuition program.

A fee of $25 will be charged for checks returned by the bank as Non-sufficient funds. Late tuition fee is $35.

Families who experience temporary financial hardships that impact their ability to make payments on time must schedule a Financial Review with the principal.

Parent Service and Fundraising

All families are expected to participate in service hours to support St. Agnes School, and contribute to fundraising activities.

Families who sign up for a Reduced Tuition Rate option are expected to take advantage of fundraising opportunities to make up the difference between their reduced rate, and the Standard Tuition Rate.

Student Insurance

The student accident program is provided for all students throughout the Archdiocese of Los Angeles. Parents are expected to request an insurance form when a child has sustained an injury at school or during an after school activity sponsored by the school. The premium rate is included in the registration fee. A letter explaining the benefits is in the family envelope the first week of school. Additional insurance may be purchased.

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