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Parent Teacher Group

The Parent-Teacher Group exists to support the mission of St. Agnes School through fundraising and creating a climate of Catholic-Christian Fellowship. In addition, the PTG fosters leadership in the parent community. Also the PTG supports the classroom teachers. The PTG includes all the parents and the faculty of St. Agnes Parish School.

Meetings are generally held once a month. All are welcome at the meetings. There are no elected officers. Leaders are invited to serve as such by the administration of the school. These leaders in turn try to identify leaders throughout the parish community. Potentially every parent can be a leader in the school.

During the school year there will be a total of 2 mandatory religion meetings for the parents taking place during the seasons of Advent and Lent. These meetings are designed as vehicles for evangelism. It is imperative that all parents attend these meetings. There will be a monetary fine for non- attendance of these meetings.

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